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Lotus Elise S1 Hire Scotland

Fantasy Fleet Limited  - Hire Agreement Terms and Conditions

"The Club" shall mean Fantasy Fleet Limited, trading as Fantasy Fleet Club.
"The Directors" shall mean directors of the Fantasy Fleet Limited.
"The Members" shall mean the members of the Club.
"The Club Cars" shall mean the pool of cars owned and/or operated by the Club.
"The Club Premises" shall mean the headquarters of the Club at any given time.

Under this agreement the Club Cars may only be driven by individuals who have truthfully and accurately completed the Hirer Details form.
You must inspect the Car before taking possession of it and note any damage on Page 1.
We assure that the Car is roadworthy, taxed and MOT’d at the beginning of the hire.
The agreement may be terminated by returning the Car early.
We may terminate this agreement if there is any material breach of these terms and conditions.
This agreement is subject to and deemed to include the terms, conditions and limitations of the Club's insurance policy (copy may be inspected at the Club Premises).

Period of Hire
The period of hire will be agreed at the time of booking and may be altered up to 4 weeks before the beginning date.
No hire will be for more than 14 consecutive days.

Liabilities while on hire
You must look after the Car and keys. You must always lock the Car when unattended and take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage to the Car, its tyres, tools, accessories, equipment and contents.
You must stop using the Car and contact us as soon as you become aware of a fault with the Car – see page 1 for contact details.
You must return the Car by the time and date shown on Page 1 unless otherwise agreed. The Car will be inspected on return.  If the Car is returned out of hours, (e.g.  keys through door)  – you remain responsible until we (the Club) have inspected it.
You must not let anyone work on the Car without our permission. (See section below for what to do if the Car develops a fault)
You must take all of your personal belongings with you when you return the Car.
By signing the statement of liability on Page 1 you acknowledge you will be liable as owner, driver  or operator of the Car for :

  • Fixed penalties, fines, clamp charges and notices including London Congestion Charge
  • Parking penalties, bus lane contraventions
  • Road user charges
  • Any other penalty or charges under a road traffic order.

Use of the Car
The Car must not be used:

  1. by anyone other than those named on Page 1
  2. by anyone without a full driving licence
  3. by anyone who does not meet the age criteria for the Club Car
  4. for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward
  5. knowingly for any illegal purpose
  6. while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  7. to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer
  8. outside the UK mainland (ie England, Scotland & Wales) except by prior arrangement
  9. in a manner that would render void the insurance policy under which the Car is operating or in contravention of any Road Traffic Act or Construction and Use Regulations
  10. to transport dangerous or obnoxious substances
  11. for racing, pace-making, speed testing, off-road or other track or rally usage of any description
  12. for driving tuition or to carry a number of passengers and/or carriage which would cause the Car to be overloaded.

Booking and Charges
To secure a booking the Hirer must complete the Hirer Information document, and if applicable the additional driver form, and return them with the agreed deposit. The deposit is non-refundable if the Hirer cancels the hire. Two weeks before the hire is due to start we require photocopies of the appropriate driving licence(s) and payment of the balance. Delivery and collection details and charges will also be confirmed at this time.

The Club reserves the right to substitute an equivalent car if the booked car becomes unavailable.

Additional Charges will be payable for:

  • any liabilities (as noted above) incurred while on hire
  • additional mileage - a charge of £3.00 per mile above the allowance applies
  • any excess charge (see below) which is applied in respect of each occurrence of damage.
  • a refuelling charge if the Car is not returned full.
  • a reasonable cleaning charge if the Car is returned in a dirty condition.

Credit Card details will be required BEFORE the hire begins and will be used if additional charges are to be made after the hire is completed.

What to do if the Car develops a fault or breaks down
All cars have Breakdown Service cover and for an easily diagnosed problem the Breakdown Service may be contacted directly. However some problems with these interesting cars are sometimes difficult to diagnose and so we provide an emergency number for our mechanic who may assist in the diagnosis and thus expedite the repair before the Breakdown Service is called.
If the mechanic or the Breakdown Service cannot correct the fault and the Car has to be returned to us, then we (the Club) may either provide a replacement vehicle via the Breakdown Service (which will not be of Club style) or if availability and geography allow, provide a replacement vehicle from Edinburgh.

What to do if the Car is in an accident or stolen or lost

  • Notify the police immediately if another party's guilt has been ascertained or if people or animals are injured or if the Car is stolen.
  • Report it to the Club and in case of damage, provide a detailed report and diagram to the Club within 24 hours .
  • You must not admit responsibility.
  • You must collect names & addresses of everyone involved and give them to us.
  • You must not abandon the Car without adequate provision for safeguarding and securing it.
  • You must tell us if there are to be legal proceedings and provide us with paperwork and  further details if we require them.
  • In the event of the theft of a Club Car, obtain a crime report number and, immediately thereafter, report the theft and the crime report information to the Club.
  • You must return the original keys if the Car is stolen or lost.

You agree that we may process any data given by you for the purposes of keeping accounts and records and verify personal, driving and credit information provided by you or any additional driver details with the DVLA or credit agencies.
We will destroy credit information when all payments are cleared.

Special Conditions applicable to cars

Car Insurance Excess Minimum Age (years) Additional Mileage Charge applies after
Aston Martin DB9 Volante £5000 30 100 miles per day
Ferrari 360 Spider £5000 30 100 miles per day
Maserati Quattroporte £4000 30 100 miles per day
Porsche Boxster S £2000 25 100 miles per day

Governing Law
This agreement is covered by the laws of Scotland.

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